Custom Salesforce Development and Integrations

Account Centric offers Salesforce customization services and development to assist in accomplishing your business goals. We can assist with large projects to small tasks or troubleshooting issues will only take a few hours of assistance or custom development. Our custom salesforce development services include APEX and Lighting development, creating 3rd party integrations, business process automation, etc. By following an agile development process, which consists of small incremental releases, we can make changes and adjustments that meet your dynamic business goals and needs.

Custom Salesforce Development Solutions

Salesforce SSO

Let Salesforce, your central place for all prospect and customer information, be your identity provider for your web applications and mobile applications.

Custom Salesforce functionality using APEX

If you can dream it, we can help turn it into a reality. If your business needs to build out custom pages and functionality within Salesforce.

Advanced business process automation

Whether you need to automate some of your opportunities and prospecting processes such as auto creating records or setting up custom notifications based on opportunity stage, or setting up approval/notification functionality for when customer service issues discounts to customers and Free your operations team from the tedious and time wasting tasks and let them be proactive and highly effective in their roles.

Automated Business intelligence gathering and enrichment

You need sales development intelligence right in your Salesforce account. At the tips of your sales teams fingers. Automate the process of gathering and inputting sales data rather than wasting your sales teams precious time.

AppExchange App Development

We understand the the Salesforce AppExchange process. We will help create a create an Salesforce app, create the correct development workflow, pass Salesforce’s security review, and get your app published on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

Heroku connect implementations

Heroku is the only platform that offers native integration with Salesforce. It is a natural extension that allows us to assist customers in new and creative ways without being restricted by the limitations of the Salesforce platform. Heroku gives us the flexibility we need to create customized solutions that allow our clients to maximize all that Salesforce has to offer.

Salesforce Custom Development Process

We work with you to create the functionality to partner with you to reach your business goals. We will assist by following our agile development process by following our development workflow. This workflow includes discovery, definition, design, development, and delivery steps.


We spend time to understand your business, strategy, challenges and opportunities to gain an understanding before architecting a solution that meets your goals.

Deliverable: Business Case


Based on insight from the discovery stage and a business case, We help define user stories to understand new functionality from an end user perspective. We will also define a detailed list of technical requirements so there are no surprises during the development process.

Deliverable: User stories & technical requirements


We will design a user interface prototype, so you can get a feel for and approve the end user’s experience before the development stage.

Deliverable: User interface prototype


We follow an agile development model which consists of small incremental releases with each release building on previous functionality.

Deliverable: Working functionality and source code


We will work towards creating a production release of your project within your Salesforce platform.

Deliverable: Shippable release