What are Technographics?

Technographics is a set of technology-based characteristics about a company and its processes. Examples of technographic data includes website technology such as CMS, digital analytics, CRM software, marketing automation tools, etc. Technographics are a type of firmographic data because these technological data points are attached to organizations. Sales and marketing teams can gather insight on their prospect’s technology stacks and operational strategies. Technographic data can help sales and marketing teams with sales prospecting segmentation, marketing segmentation and personalization, and indications of buying signals.


How To Define Target Marketing Segments Based On Technographic Data

Sales and marketing teams can build segments within their target market based on technographic data to identify opportunities and build personalized marketing strategies for each segment. For example, marketing teams can create a target market segment for companies that have a certain technology provider on their marketing website and develop a personalized and optimized marketing campaign for this target market segment.

How to Use Technographic Data While B2B Sales Prospecting

Technographic data provides sales and marketing teams with sales insights into prospect’s technology usage. Sales and marketing teams can analyze a prospect’s technology stack to identify any opportunities or gaps in a prospects workflow or strategy. Sales and marketing teams can gather insight into prospect’s buying habits by monitoring changes in technology investment. Sales and marketing teams can use technographics insights to craft personalized messages in both advertising and sales pitches and create meaningful content in a content marketing strategy. Sales and marketing teams can identify new market opportunities by assessing techology stacks of potential buyers within certain industries.

How to Access Technographic Data

There are companies that help sales and marketing teams access technographic data such as Datanyze and Builtwith. These companies provide insight into the technology stack on websites. For example, sales and marketing teams can look up what analytics tools are on a particular site or check the usage of a certain marketing automation tool throughout the most popular websites.

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