What are Sales Development Tools?

Sales development tools assist sales development representatives (SDRs) in prospecting and qualifying both inbound and outbound leads. These tools help in building prospect lists, gathering data insights, nurturing prospects, scheduling meetings, social selling, receiving purchase intent notifications, etc. SDRs need to be equipped with the right tools in order to qualify inbound leads and prospect outbound leads. There are many different types sales development tools that have different functions and purposes.Choosing the right mix of sales development tools that fit an organization’s goals is key.

Sales Development Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software helps sales manage a company’s relationships and interactions with current clients and prospects. CRM software, such has HubSpot CRM and Saleforce CRM, is core tool in a sales development toolkit. CRM software is the unified hub for all other sales development tools, and other tools typically plugin to CRM software tools.

Data Enrichment and Insight tools

Data enrichment and insight tools gives sales reps access to up-to-date data intelligence. Data insights include firmographic data such as technographic data and purchase intent data. SDRs can properly qualify prospects, determine the most effective messaging to nurture prospects, and to find the right decision makers within companies. Many data tools feed data into CRM software to ensure that sales teams are looking at the latest data and insights.

Purchase Intent notification tools

Purchase intent notification tools enable sales reps to receive notifications when organizations show purchase intent on their marketing website. When sales teams receive a notification that a company build a certain purchase intent score, sales representatives can decide to qualify and strategically reach out in order to capture a lead when they are actively search for a solution.

Lead Nurturing Tools

The two main methods that sales reps reach out to nurture leads are emails and phone calls. These lead methods help build interest in their company’s products and/or services and help build a lead score. Phone outreach tools help sales be more efficient when progressing through their list of prospects by auto dialing phone numbers and leaving prerecorded messages. Email nurturing tools allow sales reps to send industry or job specific messaging, perform A/B testing, and automated email triggers.

Meeting Scheduling Tools

Meeting scheduling tools allow SDRs to easily schedule meetings with prospects. These tools make it easier for participants to establish a mutually acceptable time for a meeting. Meeting scheduling tools can be integrated on a marketing website and/or nurture emails so prospects can schedule meeting with sales on demand.

Social Selling Tools

Social selling tools enable SDRs to be more effective on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Sales representatives can gather insights such as buying signals. Social selling tools also enable sales to position themselves as thought leaders by scheduling posts to provide followers with thought leadership content.

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