What is a Sales Development Representative (SDR)?

At a high level, a sales development representative (SDR) is a position that focuses on prospecting and qualifying both inbound and outbound leads. Once an SDR has qualified a lead, the lead is then passed off to an account executive to close the deal.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Sales Prospecting

SDRs participate in both outbound sales prospecting and inbound sales prospecting. They need to have a strong understanding of how their company’s products and/or services fit for the companies that they are prospecting. SDRs should be equipped with their company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to help knowing which leads would be a good fit for their company.

Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales development representatives need to be equipped with sales prospecting tools in order to gather data and learn more about a prospect in a timely manner. There are many different Sales Prospecting Tools and they have a lot of different functions. There are tools that assist SDRs in building prospect lists, organization intelligence, sending emails, making phone calls, scheduling meetings, social selling, receiving timely purchase intent notifications, etc. Choosing the right mix of tools that fit an organization’s goals is key.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

An ideal customer profile (ICP) helps sales and marketing teams understand which leads they should put resources towards and which leads are not a good fit for their company. At a high level, standardized firmographic data can be used to choose companies that are the ideal size of company (Revenue, Number of Employees, etc.). An ICP should also contain possible indicator problems that a lead might be having. SDRs can determine if your company has the correct solution to a given problem.

Qualifying Leads

Once sales development representatives determine that a prospect fits their company’s Ideal Customer Profile, SDRs begin the process of nurturing their prospects. SDRs need to transition prospects to qualified leads so they can pass these qualified leads to their sales executives. SDRs need to nurture prospects by showing the value their company’s products/services. Many times, SDRs try to understand their prospect’s problems and challenges and then offer a solution to their prospects problems and challenges.

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