What is B2B Lead Scoring?

B2B lead scoring is a process in which marketers apply a number score to leads in order to create a prioritized list leads for marketing and sales teams. Lead scores are created by sales and marketing teams using firmographic attributes based on their ideal customer profile (ICP) and factors such as a lead’s purchase intent score. Sales and marketing teams prioritize leads with the best scores to maximize the effectiveness of their resources.

B2B Lead Scoring

How to Create a Lead Score

Lead score calculations and processes will be different for each company, but each company typically uses some form of firmographic data and purchase intent indications when creating a lead score.

Using Firmographic Data in Leading Scoring Calculations

Sales and marketing teams utilize firmographic attributes in order to standardize the process of comparing and scoring leads. For example, if a company’s ideal client is a enterprise level company, sales and marketing teams will score enterprise level companies better than small or medium-sized companies. There are many other company attributes that sales and marketing teams can utilize to compare leads and assemble a score. Sales and marketing teams should look at firmographic attributes of current clients and past leads that did not convert in order to uncover insight that will impact lead score calculations.

Using Purchase Intent Interactions in Lead Scoring Calculations

Companies also use interactions with marketing and sales activities in lead score calculations. When leads interact with marketing and sales efforts, they are showing signs of purchase intent and therefore are closer to converting than a stale lead. Because of this, these leads should have a better lead score.

Using Past Marketing and Sales Activities to Identify Trends

Past marketing and sales activities can help identify insight that will lead to a more accurate lead score. For example, sales and marketing teams could analyze past content marketing efforts and discover leads are typically 5 weeks away from converting when leads start interacting with blog posts. They could also discover leads are 3 weeks away from converting when leads start interacting with pricing pages and 1 week away from converting when a lead submits a form to talk to sales. Leads should be scored accordingly based on the insights gathered from past marketing and sales activities.

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